Pearson Yachts produced the Pearson 323 from 1976 through 1983. Over 350 were built. Designed by legendary marine architect Bill Shaw, it bucked contemporary design trends of the time by focusing on a stated purpose rather than following fashionable trends. This is one of the reasons why the 323 became so popular. It stressed value, style, quality and performance combined with efficiency at a moderate cost. The results were a solid fiberglass hull, good sailing characteristics and spacious accommodations. A traditional profile that emphasized progressive design coupled with ease of sailing for the owner made this a popular model. These reasons show why many 323’s are being enjoyed and treasured by their owners today.

From time tested sailing characteristics of reliability and popularity, we have chosen this valued boat for restoration. As an American manufactured product, original parts are available as well as an abundance of after market accessories not available in the 1980’s. Our project will be of considerable interest to the boating enthusiast, veteran sailor or intermediate crew. Combining the traditional features of “classic plastic” with today’s modern technological, our primary goal is updating a valued boat for modern day sailing.

Follow along with us in the months to come.  Visit regularly as we complete each system aboard and feature the final product.  View the installations of new technologies and innovations such as PlasTeak® macerators, Electroscans, windlasses, LED lighting, Lexan, Corian, Starboard and GPS electronics including radar and chart plotters.  Our miscellaneous section will provide information such as surveys, Coast Guard certifications, US documentations, EPIRB’s and current updated safety requirements.

Comments or questions are welcomed in our blog section.  Feel free to share your experiences, information or questions.

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The Athena Querida, Promotional Video for the series :

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